Economic Policy Dialogue (EPD) is an independent research organization that brings forth the economic policy issues which affect the people, society, business, nations, globe and planet. Also, policy alternatives are put forwarded through constructive dialogue.

Undoubtedly, global economy has experienced phenomenal economic growth in the recent decades. However, decades’ growth performance has landed most rich nations in a mess, and majority of the developing nations yet far behind on development goals. This has made common peoples’ lives harder, societies with many newer problems (along-with many old unresolved and sometimes even deteriorating), and created unseen ecological tragedies. Intellectual premise “economic growth is a means and development is an end” has gone mostly wrong in practice. Instead, number race on economic spectrum has created quality crunch on human, social and ecological spectrums!

Economics and economic policies seem to be used as a tool to serve the business and power centers rather than to serve the people and preserve the planet.

Inequality is a theoretical definite corollary of higher economic growth – but who benefit from it and at what social costs? Tobacco and lotto are good for the business but bad for the people and society – but who is served? Oil sand industry is good for the business and economic growth but a dent on communities and environment – which is taken care of? Perfect Competition produces efficient and fair results – but how many industries are left perfectly competitive nationally/globally (thanks to the policy-makers)? There are countless instances of such deliberate policy-options which have produced historically worse social and environmental outcomes.

Let us create a good history for future by correcting man-made historical mistakes. Mistakes are bad when done unknowingly, worse when done without knowing the consequences, but these are the worst when uncorrected despite knowing of their adverse consequences.

Let us dialogue on the practice and policy alternatives to make world a better place without worsening it further, and to make people happier without making them miserable and hopeless any more.

EPD welcomes

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